COVA CCI Cybersecurity Internship Clinic Business Application

COVA CCI Cybersecurity Internship Clinic Business Application

What: Pro-bono (free) Cybersecurity - as - a service.

Who - education: COVA CCI is the southeastern node of Virginia’s Commonwealth Cyber Initiative focused on research and education in the Hampton Roads region. COVA CCI is partnering with Valor Cybersecurity by using teams of selected senior level students who attend one of the eight COVA CCI affiliated public colleges and universities to offer the Hampton Roads region Cybersecurity - as-a-service. Students receive a stipend for this effort.

Who- your business (client organization) : micro, small, medium businesses, non-profit organizations, local government, agencies, boards

Why: The objective of this clinic is to provide cybersecurity awareness and services (cyber education/training, cybersecurity best practices, risk management posture) to client organizations within Hampton Roads while providing an experiential learning opportunity for the students participating in the program as cybersecurity interns/consultants.

How: This is a 15-week program that will be offered during the fall and spring academic semesters. During the program, students will receive training on different cybersecurity modules which will allow them to interview client organizations during the middle portion of the program. The students will work in teams under the supervision of ODU faculty. The team will conduct a cybersecurity assessment and provide a report at the end of the program. The assessment will include cybersecurity network defense awareness, cybersecurity policies and procedures, cybersecurity training for employees, cyber risk management, and/or cybersecurity best practices.