Request for Proctored Exam

Request for Proctored Exam

Faculty: Just as students are expected to read and follow instructions, we ask that you also read the following policies carefully. Failure to adhere to the UTC policies will result in your student not being tested. In addition to these general policies, specific policies appear in each section below. Please be sure to read each section carefully.

Please note that all make up exams are now in Perry Library, 4th floor, room 4011A. Phone number: 757-683-5200

-If an exam is given on Canvas, the Testing Center requires that all Canvas exams have a password.

-Exam submission pages over 15 pages, or those needing to be printed in color must be printed by the professor and submitted to the Testing Center.

-All correspondence about student testing must be done with a faculty/staff e-mail account. Correspondence through student e-mail accounts will not be accepted.

-If you submit an exam for a student and the deadline for the student to take the exam has passed, you are required to submit the exam again to the faculty/staff submission form with the date extension. If another student needs to take the exam and you did not originally list them on your list of approved students (if you select "Only Students Specifically Listed") you must resubmit this form with the additional student's name.